Enigma Lighting Update Showroom

We have been in our Manchester Showroom for 2 years now - the time has flown. To mark the occasion we have updated our showroom space with some truly breath taking products, including the Signify (Formerly Philips Lighting) Luminous Textile.

The Luminous Textile creates breathtaking interior spaces with one solution. Through integrating multi - coloured LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound.  This is a concept that gives you endless ways to play with colour, movement, texture and light.  This product makes it possible to express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces alive.


Luminous Textile creates magical retail spaces that attract passers by and encourages them to stay longer, with dynamic visuals to entertain.

In the workplace create the right office atmosphere to inspire colleagues and impress visitors. Enjoyable ambiance from the Luminous Textile wows guests, while sound-softening materials eliminate distracting noise.

The capabilities of Luminous Textile can welcome, calm and entertain guests in style to create an unforgettable hospitality experience.

It is also incredibly easy to fit.  A wall or ceiling, one or more panels and two cables per panel, it's all you need for bringing your space alive. The luminous textile panel is delivered as an integrated solution.

Call in to our Manchester showroom for more details and to see for yourself, or get in touch and we will send you further details.