Enigma Lighting – New Website Coming Soon

Alongside growing our Enigma product portfolio, exhibiting at Design Junction and Light Middle East there have been a few changes taking place behind the scenes at Enigma Lighting.

The most notable being our striking new branding.  After more than 10 years of operation, Enigma Lighting has evolved alongside the the lighting industry we work in, so we thought it only right to evolve our company brand to ensure all our clients can see that Enigma moves with the times in this rapidly changing industry.

Alongside our branding we have a new website being created - which will be launching very soon.  The website will provide all the details that our clients require on our products and services, with the most up to date product data and images.  We will keep you updated on the launch of our new website, and please do take a look at our social media for daily information on Enigma Lighting products and services.

The Enigma Lighting team are very excited about the changes taking place and look forward to sharing them with you.