Enigma Lighting are proud to have Soraa as part of our collection of superior lighting brands.  The variety of options in respect of colour, beam angles beam control, wattage and quality is unrivaled.  Our partnership with one of the most innovative brands in lighting demonstrates the depth of knowledge and expertise that we at Enigma Lighting can bring to your project.

Soraa is simply perfect light – leveraging science and leading technology to produce unparalleled spectrum and quality that
makes environments more beautiful, healthy, and adaptive. Bringing colours to life, render stunning reds and whites, and bringing nature’s light
indoors to make illumination something to see, and truly experience.

Soraa lamps have been tested and approved to be fitted in Enigma Tubular60 GU10 and MR16 fixtures along with our View50 GU10 downlights. For more information take a look at our Brands page or contact sales@enigmalighting.com .

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