Enigma Lighting Light + Build Highlights

Another 4 days of light and build completed, but what were the highlights for the Enigma lighting team?

To summarise; miniaturisation, hand crafted feature shades, the internet of things (IoT), acoustic luminaries, 3D printing, the mixing of own brand LED chips for retail  and lighting magic. There was a lot to take in, but here are our top 5 to watch out for and perhaps use in your project?

1. Our friends at DGA delivered yet again with some beautifully small and perfectly formed luminaries, which were still able to pack a punch where needed. We particularly liked these in their external range.

2. LED linear and their new VarioLED flex 3D, expertly modelled in the image by Dan, could save us all a few headaches as it can flex in all directions. A neon flex which suits all applications it can be used as a neon replacement, incorporated into handrails or simply run through the floor to create a linear line of light.  It’s available from July 2018.

3. Kavadrat the acoustic ceiling company and Signify (the new name for Philips lighting) have teamed up to produce some interesting soft cell backlit walls. There are also lit ceilings and flooring to consider.

4. Deltalight pulled another amazingly impressive stand out of the bag this year and utilised which showed their beautifully detailed luminaires so well. We loved the faceted Spy spotlight (excuse iPhone fuzziness) and the tiny recessed downlights, so small you can hardly see them in a photo!

5. Coelux…. coelux, every time we go to see these amazing people we’re just blown away by the magic of these luminaires. Even just being on the stand after walking the exhibition halls all day, the quality of the light makes you feel so much better. The luminaires themselves are much lower in height now with a great range available from under 500mm. We think we have a project in mind, what about you?


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