Enigma Lighting LED Filament Lamps

We are delighted the Enigma Lighting range of LED Filament Lamps rated highly in Lux Review magazine. Allan Tulla, Lux’s technical editor and experienced lighting designer gave his review on a range of LED Filament Lamps available.

We know our range offers superb dimming and colour rendering, but it’s always great to hear this confirmed by other industry experts.

“What sets this apart from other similar lamps is the colour rendering, CRI 90, so the 2200K lamp achieves a nice, warm appearance whilst still giving excellent colour rendering.” The full review can be found here.

We stock a large range of LED Filament Lamps.  All are dimmable and 2200K.  With the difference within our range being the shape of the lamp and the filament shape.  With copper, gold and silver crowns also available to complement your project aesthetic. Our full LED Filament Lamp range is found on our website. We also provide a range of decorative cages to provide a more industrial aesthetic.

With all the benefits of LED energy saving, remarkable dimming and colour consistency our range of LED Filament Lamps are ideal for hospitality and domestic projects. Contact us for further details.


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