The Evolution of Lighting Solutions

Whilst modern lighting has continued to improve across the spectrum – incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, – the biggest improvements have undoubtably been seen with LED technology. With the energy savings and longevity afforded through LED technology the demand for both retrofit and dedicated LED Light sources has soared and continues to do so.

Enigma Lighting has not purely responded to this demand but has continually sought to implement improvements to our product ranges based on the latest technology available to the benefit of our valued customers.

Borne out of the improvements to LED technology are our fabulous LED Filament Lamps – which Enigma Lighting introduced in 2015. These products continue to be as popular as ever across the spectrum of interior environments, with clients enjoying the warm, dimmable glow that had previously been associated with halogen lighting – but is now available with the energy savings of LED technology.

A growing innovation within the lighting industry is the ability to use Beacon technology housed within light fittings. Of particular value to our retail clients this allows the implementation of location based services to be installed in a stable and low maintenance way. With our experience in this field we can guide you through the process.

The lighting industry is constantly evolving, and Enigma Lighting evolves alongside. Our team at Enigma react quickly and efficiently in order to maintain our established reputation and deliver products which make use of the latest innovations to our clients.