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With the evolution of lighting comes DARK lighting. All manufactured in Belgium, we turn lamps, chandeliers, sculptures and lighting concepts into an art form for your interior. DARK has over 80 International Design Awards and therefore prides itself on being an incubator for creative ideas.

The technical aspect of DARK products is just as important as what is visible to the naked eye. Each lamp is designed by the best manufacturers using only the finest quality materials and latest techniques, considering the prevailing culture. Energy savings and sustainability are thus incorporated into the design to maintain the high standard of work.

What better way to see the DARK attitude for yourself than on our social media. Take a look at our pages and let the dark side take over. Visit Website

Brick in the Wall

Brick In The Wall products originate from the mystical world of decoration and its demand for seamless integrated lighting. The first luminaire designed 15 years ago, was the NORMALL, a plaster fitting with a pure and minimalistic design.

Brick in The Wall developed their own plaster, CALCYT, to obtain heat resistant products with high density and hardness. CALCYTS can be painted the same colour as the wall or ceiling blend into its surroundings. The basic idea of the collection is to create unexpected and inspired fittings; developing shapes in true symbiosis with architecture.

Brick in the Wall are now on Catalogue 7 with their greatest range of products yet and many awards under their belt. Visit Website


Powergear is a leading global brand in tailor made lighting track systems and universal adapters for the professional lighting market. Their European head office for sales, service and distribution offers swift and efficient deliveries and provides the highest level of customer service possible.

Powergear provides a high quality 3 circuit (3-phase) lighting track system which is compatible with 3-phase adapters of all major brands. The comprehensive range of innovative accessories give the designer maximum freedom to create the ultimate track plan. The track can easily be shortened and the Ezclik mounting features make the track system quick and easy to install. After cutting the track its immediately ready to install and there is no need to adjust any wires. Visit Website


If you’ve never heard of Soraa before, there’s a good chance it has inspired you in your favorite museum, store, hotel or restaurant. Professionals choose Soraa for an unmatched quality of light, and how it helps bring atmosphere and emotion to life in the spaces they design. Soraa pioneered full spectrum color rendering LED light, the heart of which is its proprietary LED technology, a technological breakthrough continually enhanced by producing the most natural light possible.

Soraa's founder Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize winner and the father of modern day LED lighting, wanted to create a light source that would match the characteristics of the most natural illumination: the sun. It is why the company is called Soraa, which means “sky” in kanji. Soraa has built upon its founding mission to deliver breakthrough products that illuminate many of the world’s most celebrated and exclusive spaces.
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