OSRAM Einstone Technology at Enigma Lighting

We are often asked what we think the next big thing in lighting technology will be, and without hesitation we say 'Location Awareness'.  The EINSTONE technology from OSRAM provides for this and takes it to another level.  Opening up new opportunities for indoor navigation, find my car, asset tracking and mobile customer loyalty programs.

OSRAM EINSTONE technology allows for indoor location awareness by turning the lighting installation into smart infrastructure, which notifies a device about its exact location. You can read a lot more about EINSTONE technology here, however keeping it simple the EINSTONE Smart Infrastructure combines the lighting installation with permanently-powered beacons and turns it into a positioning system providing homogeneous coverage of the area.  This takes away the problems of typical GPS signal being too vague and forms the basis for a variety of indoor location-based services.

As an OEM partner with OSRAM, Enigma Lighting fittings will be able to incorporate this technology and we can see great benefits for our clients in utilising this technology in the future.