Focus on Plaster-in Lighting

The concept of this collection of products at Enigma Lighting is 'the invisible integration of light' created using minimalist, unexpected and inspiring plaster in fittings.

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Our range by Brick in the Wall is created using the their own CALCYT® plaster with amazing characteristics. CALCYT® is a high density, heat and fire resistant, next genera- tion plaster, with optimal hardness and light reflection properties. Continuous research results in the production of fittings without air holes, assuring no cracks after installation. Our range of light fixtures offers a truly trimless solution. Due to it’s thermal resistance, our fittings are suitable for many different light sources and the snow white CALCYT® fittings can easily be painted in the colour of your wall or ceiling.

Fuelled by an ongoing hunger to create state-of-the-art luminaires, our new designs consistently push the boundaries of lighting architecture and technology and for outdoor applications Brick In The Wall have developed a water resistant CALCYT+®.

Take a look at our full range of Plaster-in Lighting on our website and for installation advice take a look at our You Tube channel which shows how easy our range of Plaster-In Lighting is to install.