Our Brands

Enigma Lighting

We specialise in the supply of light fittings for rollout projects Europe wide and subsequently holda high level of stock to provide for fast track programs.

Enigma lighting has firmly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of light fittings and lighting equipment in Europe. We have produced an extensive collection of well engineered and competitively priced light fittings targeted at the retail and leisure markets. Our range of fittings are design eda round the latest low voltage, metal halide and led light sources to provide the appropriate solution for any application.

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Brick in the Wall

BRICK IN THE WALL® products originate from the fascinating world of decoration with its demand for seamless integrated lighting. The first luminaire, designed 15 years ago, was the NORMALL®, a plaster fitting with a pure & minimalistic design.

To obtain a heat resistant product with high density and hardness, BRICK IN THE WALL® developed their own plaster CALCYT® which can be painted the same colour as the wall or ceiling. The basic idea of the collection is to create minimalistic, unexpected and inspired fittings; developing shapes in true symbiosis with architecture.

With many awards under their belt, Brick in the Wall are now on Catalogue 7 with the greatest range of products yet.

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There's lighting, and then there's DARK lighting. We turn lamps, chandeliers, sculptures and lighting concepts into an art form, for your interior.  All made in Belgium. With over 80 International Design Awards DARK prides itself on being an incubator for creative ideas.

Beyond what is visible to the eye, the technical aspect of DARK products is just as important.  Each lamp is designed with the best quality materials and the latest techniques, taking into account the prevailing culture. Energy savings and sustainability are thus incorporated into the design as well.

With a great presence on social media how better to see the DARK attitude for yourself than to take a look at our pages;

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ELPRO Lichttechnik GmbH was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of professional lighting solutions. The company was fortunate to be able to rely right from the start on a team with many years of experience in the lighting industry.

ELPRO was created to specialize in custom-made, individual lighting solutions for the retail sector and project lighting. In addition to the experience and wealth of ideas supplied by the company’s own employees, ELPRO is also able to take advantage of particular local vantages: the Sauerland region, and the town of Arnsberg in particular, have been recognised for decades as the experts in the lighting industry. This heritage provides us with a rich resource of creativity and experience from which to develop our products.

ELPRO regards the company’s customers and suppliers alike as partners in a joint undertaking. We want any business to be good business, not only for us but for each of our customers as well. And that is the theme underlying our philosophy.

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